storm damage in new york

Let A Professional Public Adjuster Communicate With Your Insurance Company

We promise our team will find you experts Nationwide to help with your commercial or residential property

If by chance you were not #PaidInFull from your insurance company? You can turn to 866-NOT-PAID for help in getting more information about your policy and seek a payout $$ that will restore your property to its Pre-Loss Condition. Up and down the East Coast we will help find representation to prepare your claim, present it to your insurance company in the manner that's expected. We represent and protect your interests from the beginning till the end. That's just for starters. Public Adjusters have a more important role. PA's stay the same when you call, insurance companies have call centers abroad.

Public Adjusters are there for the times when YOU need to talk to someone the most.

It's also proven that Public Adjusters get larger settlements $$.

Knowledge is essential when dealing with property damage. You can count on us to use our experience to partner you with a Public Adjuster to level the playing field between you and your insurance company. We protect your rights!

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The burden of proof falls to the individual seeking a payout. Having the right representation will ensure your damage is documented and communicated to your carrier timely. Let's get rid of those uncomfortable feelings brought on by not understanding the property insurance claims process. Call us 866-NOT-PAID (866-668-7243)

After all, if you Insurance Claim is NOT-PAID then your:
Painter is NOT-PAID
Plumber is NOT-PAID
Roofer is NOT-PAID
Mitigation is NOT-PAID
Electrician is NOT-PAID
Architect is NOT-PAID

There are so many more that service the insured. They are all small businesses. They all rely on the insurance claim economy. If there is a situation where your insurance company does not pay you what is owed all these small businesses suffer.

We'll find you representation to communicate your situation to your insurance agency in an efficient and effective manner to streamline the process.

You can count on our partners to help with a variety of insurance claims related to:

Fire Damage
Lightning Damage
Explosion Damage
Smoke Damage
Storm Damage
Wind Damage
Flood Damage
Hail Damage
Water Damage
Riot Damage
Civil Commotion Damage
Aircraft Damage
Vehicle Damage
Sprinkler Leakage
Sinkhole Collapse
Volcanic Action Damage
Plus the Following Additional Perils: Falling Objects; Weight of Snow, Ice, or Sleet; Water; and Collapse

Our public adjuster partners understand the inner workings of the insurance business and will be there for every step of the process. Contact us now at 866-668-7243 to tell us about your damage.